Best of the Best

Of the places I’ve been…and I don’t claim to have been everywhere!



Travel basics

Airline: Delta. No questions asked.

Airport (domestic – small): Knoxville McGhee-Tyson (because it’s home!)

Airport (domestic – large): Minneapolis

Delta SkyClub location: see tag “SkyClub”

Hotel (United States): US Grant, San Diego, CA

Luggage: Briggs and Riley “Baseline”


Food and Drink

Brewery (US): Sweetwater, Atlanta, GA

Brewery (North America): Walkerville Brewing, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Brewery (worldwide): Meantime, Greenwich, London, England

Oysters: 42nd Street Oyster Bar, Raleigh, NC

Pizza: Silver Beach Pizza, St. Joseph, MI

Tacos: Taco Guild, Phoenix, AZ